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How to create a group

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Steps to create a group in the Group Manager.


In Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation:



  1. Go to Customize, Group Manager.
  2. Type a name for the group in Enter New Group Name: and Click Add.
  3. In the group criteria dialog box, select the appropriate Look In:, Select an Operator:, and Find What: options for the criteria you want
    1. In Look In: select the field, in the Select an Operator: drop down select the needed operator, and in Find What: key in or select the needed entry, click Add.
    2. Repeat for each piece of criteria.
  4. Click OK and click Close to exit Group Manager.
  5. On the Report Definition screen of any Standard report, select the group in the Group list area, click Run Report.


  • Once you create a group, you can select it in any report from in the Group list on the Report Definition screen.
  • Build groups using multiple IS statements. Don’t use multiple IS NOT statements. Multiple criteria for the same field are treated as OR statements rather than AND. Multiple IS NOT statements for the same field will cancel each other out and the group will include all assets. See  How to create a group of assets that does not have any field in common

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