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How to perform a bulk disposal

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Steps to dispose assets in bulk with the same disposal date.


Note: The Bulk Disposal feature is only available in the Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation, Depreciation Network and Premier Depreciation products.

If you are using version 2022.1or higher and on a subscription support plan, you can use a custom import to dispose assets. See How to dispose existing asset via Custom Import´╗┐

In Sage Fixed Assets - Depreciation:

  1. Select assets to dispose.
    • Create a group for the assets. See How to create a group
      • Select the group in the Asset List view, go to: Edit, Select All
    • or select all assets to dispose by highlighting each asset
      Note: Use CTRL to select additional assets, or SHIFT to select a range of assets
  2. To dispose the selected assets:
    • Go to Asset, select Bulk Disposal
    • or in the Task pane on the left, click Bulk Dispose Assets
  3. Fill in the Disposal Date, click Tab, enter Disposal Method, Cash Proceeds, Non-Cash Proceeds, and Expense of Sale as needed.
  4. Click OK

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