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How to copy company data into another company in Sage 100

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You may use Copy Company to copy all data from an existing company code into another company code within the same installation. You can can also copy all data from a module application, or from a test system back into production (when you see "File in Use")




CAUTION: Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage business partner, network administrator, or Sage customer support analyst.

How to create a New Destination company code (if needed):

  1. Open Library Master, Main menu, Company Maintenance
  2. Click the Company Code field look up, note which company codes already exist, and then click Cancel to return to Company Maintenance
  3. For Company Code, enter a new three-character destination company code that does not already exist
    • Note: Do not use "CON" or "SOA" for the company code. Avoid "001" or "000" as well.
  4. Enter the new Company Name and any other applicable information.
    • Note: The company code is the only required field.
  5. Click Activate button, and then select the modules that will be used with this company.
    • Note: The modules Common Information and General Ledger must be selected
  6. Click Accept
  7. Close Company Maintenance

How to copy data from a Source company code into a Destination company code:
(Warning: This will overwrite data in the destination company code!)

  1. Open Library Master, Main menu, Company Maintenance
  2. For Company Code, enter the three-character destination company code
  3. Note: Do not use "CON" or "SOA" for the company code. Avoid "001" or "000" as well.
  4. Click Copy button
  5. Click OK, to the warning "Integration with any copied module should be reviewed."
  6. If a new company code was created in step #2, click Yes to "The company record must be saved before data can be copied.."
  7. In the Source Company field, click look up and select the Company Code you want to copy data FROM
  8. All of the modules activated for the source company are selected by default. Deselect any of the modules that should not be copied.
  9. Note: You will not be able to deselect Common Information or General Ledger! For information on copying data for just one module, see the Related Resources section below.)
  10. Click Proceed
  11. Click Yes, at the prompt "Do you want to copy all data files to selected company?"
  12. Click Accept
  13. Close Company Maintenance

How to copy company from test system back to production when a "File in Use" message occurs

  1. Everyone exit Sage 100
  2. Browse to ..\..\MAS90 directory on the server
  3. Rename MAS_XXX to origMAS_XXX (where XXX represents the company we are trying to write to)
  4. In that directory right click and create a new folder
  5. Rename to MAS_XXX
  6. Open Company Maintenance in Sage 100
  7. Select XXX
  8. Click on Activate
  9. Click on Cancel
  10. Click on Accept
  11. This refreshes Sage and what it sees for the PEI company code
  12. Select XXX again
  13. Click on Copy
  14. Select your Source Company as normal
  15. Proceed with the copy

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