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How to register Sage 100 or How to find, register or enter product registration keys for Sage 100 user licenses and application modules

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You may need to troubleshoot any or all of the following: Finding product activation information Registering or activating your product Registering licenses for additional users or models Updating or refreshing subscription or registration details




Where to purchase, obtain, or generate new product registration keys


Sage Customer Support cannot generate new product registration keys nor provide sales quotes.

  • Customers: If you need to purchase new product keys or have new keys generated, contact Sales by calling (800) 390-3643, then select Sales. Sales can verify or validate purchase/entitlement and also generate new product keys if necessary.
  • Business Partners may contact their Partner Service Representative for assistance, including new key generation.
  • Sage Accountants Network (SAN) Partners: Call the Sage Accountants Network (866) 565-2726 for assistance, including new key generation.


Where to find product registration information

Product Registration information is available on the Sage Support Portal.

  • Partners (and Sage Accountants Network Partners) can locate product keys by signing into the Partner Portal. Open Account Management, select My Company and view Products
  • Customers can locate product keys by signing into the Customer Portal. Select the Activation Codes tab and choose product from Select Product dropdown list

Your Product Registration information includes and is originally entered during the installation process:

  • Business Partner: Enter your Business Partner's Name or Account Number.
    • Note: Also known as a channel partner or reseller
  • Serial Number: Enter the Serial Number from your product activation information.
  • Customer Number: All current Sage 100 ERP product registrations require a current Customer Account Number. This is a 10-digit number that begins with "400".
    • Note: If your registration contains a different Customer Account Number, it is likely an old (legacy) account number (often beginning with "99" or "87" or "130") and your registration may not be valid. For example, you will not be able to use Federal and State e-Filing (Aatrix) for IRS form printing (1099s, W2s, etc.)
  • User Key: Enter the User Key (also known as Unlock Key) from your product activation information.
  • Product Key: Enter the Product Key (also known as Activation Key) from your product activation information.


How to enter product registration information

When installing Sage 100:

  1. Enter the Product Registration keys in the Product Registration window, which appears during the installation process.
  2. Click Next to continue the installation.

If Sage 100 is already installed:

You can find the existing product registration keys in System Configuration and may update or change the product registration information as follows:

  1. Have all other users must exit Sage 100 before proceeding
  2. Open Library Master, Setup menu, System Configuration
  3. Click the Registration tab and note the product registration keys
  4. Click Edit, enter the new product registration keys (if updating or changing them)
  5. Click Activate
  6. Click OK when the following message appears: "Activation was successful."
  7. Exit Sage 100, then open and log back into again.

If Sage 100 is already installed and a module you desire (or the number of user licenses you require) is not included in the list of installed modules:


Additional information: 

New registration keys for version 3.71 and prior (also known as Legacy Keys) can no longer be generated by Sage. New registration keys that use an old (Legacy or Vantive) customer account number - even for versions up to 4.40 - can also no longer be generated. The physical systems (machines) that generated and stored those keys have been permanently retired and recycled for some years now.


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