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How do I install the program on a new computer?

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If installing on a workstation connected to a server, see How to install on a workstation on a network

  1. To move your Sage 50 installation to a new computer, you will first want to download Sage 50 on the new computer. Download from the Sage 50—U.S. Edition: Download Portal.
  2. Run the file once downloaded to start the installation. Follow Installation Instructions - Sage 50—U.S. Edition to complete the install.
  3. Open Sage 50 on the new machine. If you are not prompted to activate, browse to Help > Sage 50 Activation, Licensing and Subscription options and select to Activate Online now.
  4. Close and re-open the program after activation is complete.
  5. You may restore a backup from the old computer or connect to a company shared with Remote Data Access to move your data.

If needing to move several companies at once, follow How to move several company data folders from one server to another.

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Error: "There was a problem activating. Please try again later." or "There was a problem with the activation files for Sage 50."
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