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How do I print or generate my quarterly forms?

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Generating quarterly forms from Payroll




Select the form:

  1. From the Tasks menu, select State eFile and Reporting.
  2. In the State eFile and Reporting window, select the report you want to generate and the date for the report, then click Next.
    Note: If you have local taxes, click Link Aatrix Tax Types to assign your local tax ID to the applicable local tax item in the grid.
  3. In the Employees to Process grid, all employees are selected by default. Clear the check box for employees to exclude their wages from the reports and click Next and click Generate.
    Note: You do not need to clear the check box for employees with zero wages for the reporting period. Quarterly forms will only include employees with wages in the reporting period.

Verify company information:

  1. If the Company Information Changes window displays, click OK.
  2. Verify your Federal Employer ID Number and click Next.
  3. Verify your company information and click Next.
  4. Select I am filing for my company/employer and click Next.
  5. In the State & Local Tax Items window, you can assign the correct tax account number and add all state and local taxes that need to be reported on your government forms. If you have already completed a federal or state tax form, these items may be already filled in.
    • Click Remove to delete any taxes that you do not want to print on the forms.
    • Click Edit to change the items already listed and Add to set up new tax items. The text on the window shows you the correct format.
  6. To continue, click Next.

Complete and verify the report:

  1. Complete all required red fields on the report and click Next Step.
    Note: The report may have fields on more than one page.
  2. In the Verify Report Complete window, click Agree to accept the report, click Double Check to go back and make further corrections.

Print or eFile your form:

  • To print your form, click the Print button.
  • To eFile your form:
    1. Click the eFile button.
    2. If you have not enrolled with Aatrix, click Enroll to launch the Aatrix eFile Center. Click the Enroll link and follow the prompts to setup your account.
    3. After completing the steps to setup your account, on the Aatrix Secure eFile - EIN NOT ENROLLED window click I have Enrolled and have my Login ID.
    4. If you have an account with Aatrix, the Aatrix Secure eFile - Login window will display. Enter your Username and Password and click Login.
      Follow the prompts to complete the eFiling process.
Learn more: Visit Sage University to watch a video that shows you how to perform this task. Search for the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate anytime learning subscription titled Year-end Procedures.

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