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How do I download a company shared with Remote Data Access?

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Learn the steps to download and access a company file shared via Sage 50 US Edition's Remote Data Access, including connecting to a shared company, using your Sage account, and meeting internet speed requirements.


  1. Go to File, Connect to a Shared Company.
  2. When prompted, enter your Sage account email address. If you do not have a Sage account, you must create one. If you’re invited to work in a shared company and have a different Sage account, or if you want to use another email address, ask the sender to invite you again using the preferred email address.
  3. Select the company you want to access in the Shared Companies window.
  4. Click Connect to download the company file.


  • Remote Data Access requires high-speed Internet access (for best performance download speeds of at least 20mbps and upload speeds of at least 10mbps)
  • There is a maximum 5GB file size for shared companies

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