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How does the Payroll Tier Count Calculate

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Tier count has been exceeded messages will display based on status of grace period.


Tier Count Calculation

  • The tax calculation process is what populates the SY_Metering.m4t table. It does not matter if you have printed or updated checks. If they were in payroll when the tax calculation was run they count. If payroll data entry was cleared after tax calculation was run, they were already counted.
  • The count is cleared on the first of every month and starts over.
  • Each employee is counted once based on their encrypted EmployeeKey$. No matter how many times you pay that employee in a month they are only counted once.
  • The tier limit counts all Company Codes in the installation for that account. Usually test companies are a copy of live data so it does not increase unless new employees are added to that company code.

The messages you receive depend on the timing and status below.

  • You are given a grace period of 45 days after you first exceed your tier count limit.
  • In the 45 days grace period you are allowed to exceed the 100 until the expire date.
  • After the expiration date, you are able to continue to perform tax calculation for your tier limit.
  • Once the unique employee ID’s reach the tier count, tax calculation will be unable to perform tax calculation.
  • There are 2 solutions:
    • Remove extra employees in Payroll Data Entry.
    • Contact the sales team to purchase a higher tier.

If the tier exceeded is questionable based on the calculation information do the following.

  1. Customer Account #
  2. Contact Information
  3. Is the customer receiving PR Tier has been exceeded warning message, and still have 45 day grace period? What is the date in *info for exceeded tier count?
  4. Is the customer attempting to do Payroll but have gone past their grace period and cannot proceed with tax calculation?
  5. Exact version and Update that are installed.
  6. Analyst to Verify correct product keys are activated (Library Master, System Configuration, Registration tab matches Fusion).
  7. Analyst to Use Sage 100 Key Validation utility to confirm "Employee payroll tier" count in Library Master, System Configuration, Modules tab matches Fusion
  8. Email [email protected] the following files:
    1. Sy_System.m4t
    2. Sy_ActivityLog.m4t
    3. Sy_Metering.m4t
DocLink: Error: "Warning. Your payroll subscription allows you to process payroll for up to ## employees"
DocLink: Error: "You are attempting to pay more employees than your payroll subscription allows. You can continue processing payroll for additional employees through xx/xx/xxxx."
DocLink: "You have previously processed payroll for more employees than your payroll subscription allows. As of xx/xx/xxxxx, you cannot process payroll for more than yy employees....."

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