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What is the process for filing W-2s and W-3s?

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How to process and print or efile W-2s and W-3 forms.


  1. Click Reports & Forms, Forms, Tax Forms.
  2. Double Click Payroll Tax Forms.
  3. Select Federal.
  4. Select [year] W-2/W-3 from the the Available Forms list.
  5. Set Frequency to Yearly.
  6. Select the needed filing Year.
  7. If desired, use the employee filters to run W-2s for only certain employees.
  8. Click OK.
  9. To do a test run, select one of the Test drive options; otherwise, select No thanks, start processing my W-2/W-3s.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Verify the Company FEIN and click Next.
    If the company FEIN is not correct, close the W-2 Setup Wizard, then click Maintain, Company Information to change it.
  12. Select the appropriate option in the Multiple Data Files window and click Next.
    If you selected multiple payroll data files in step 12, see How to merge two or more databases to print W-2s and W-3s. When finished, continue with the next step.
  13. Verify the company information and click Next.
  14. Select the appropriate Tax Preparer Type and click Next.
  15. If Third-Party Preparer Information is needed, fill in the appropriate fields and click Next.
  16. Verify the State and Local Tax Items are correct, then click Next.
    Note: If you need assistance with the Tax Account Number for your state, see My state tax ID or unemployment tax account number is incorrect on my payroll tax form.
  17. Select the appropriate options on the Data Verification window and click Next.
  18. Select/complete the appropriate options/fields on the W-3 Information window and click Next.
  19. Choose if you want to truncate Employee Social Security Numbers then click Next.
  20. In the W2/1099 Preparer worksheet, verify the information highlighted in blue, then click Next Step.
  21. Continue to verify highlighted information, then click Next Step until W-2 Printing and Filing Options opens.
  22. Select either Complete W-2 eFiling Service or Select My Own Options.
    Note: See
  23. If only printing the forms, choose Select My Own Options, select the forms you with to print, then click Next.
  24. Verify your selections from the previous page, then click Next.
  25. Select the appropriate option for divider sheets and click Next.
  26. Click Next on Review Data. Based on your print selections, the following windows may or may not appear.
  27. On the Employee W-2 form, click Print Final at the top of the window.
  28. Insert or ensure the form is loaded in the printer. Click OK.
    Note: If you selected to eFile the W-2 or W-3 form and also print forms, the Print Final button will read as Print Copy in the remaining steps.
  29. Click Next Step at the top to go to the next form to print.
  30. Click Print Final.
  31. A Paper Warning window appears, click OK.
  32. Click Next Step.
  33. The Federal W-3 is displayed, click Print Final.
  34. Click Next Step.
  35. The State W-2 is displayed, if applicable, click Print Final.
  36. Click Next Step.
  37. For any state worksheets, complete the required fields. Print the forms, then click Next Step.
  38. The Employer W-2 is displayed, click Print Final.
  39. Click Next Step.
  40. If you selected to eFile forms, the Aatrix Secure eFile window will appear. Follow the screen instructions to complete the process.
  41. Select File, Exit to close the W2/1099 Preparer worksheet.

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