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How to run a report for a past or future period

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This article provides steps to get old reports or get detailed projection reports.


The Sage Fixed Assets database only contains one set of depreciation information at any given time. There is no undo of depreciation there is only running depreciation to a different date. The program is designed to run depreciation to any given date into the past as well as the future and reproduce consistent reports assuming no changes are made to the assets.


In Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation:

  1. Calculate depreciation to the period before the desired period (Depreciation, Depreciate).
    • See How to run Depreciation
      Note: This run of depreciation is to set the Prior Thru date for the assets. Do not attempt to tie this report to old reports. You can skip this step if you don't need Depreciation This Run amounts or a General Ledger Posting report.
  2. Calculate depreciation for the desired period.
  3. Run any additional reports needed for that period.
  4. Run depreciation back to the current period (repeat Step 1 and 2 back up current period) when finished.

The above option has some considerations and drawbacks:

  • Disposed and transferred items will show as they were when depreciation was previously run to the data, but partial disposals and partial transfers will not appear the same but the total amount of depreciation will be the same
  • Deleted Assets will remain deleted and will NOT appear on the report
  • Any asset with a Beginning Date or Period Close Date information, will not show if the Beginning Date or Period Close Date is after the depreciation run date.
  • There may be rounding differences when rerunning for past period, or rerunning back to current period
  • If the adjustments have recently been turned on, the adjustments will show in the prior period

If there is a Company Backup of the data from the period needed, restore from a backup into another database or rename the Company during the Restore process.

For Prior year reporting, an alternative is to keep a Year End copy of the company. See Year End Close.

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