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Program crashes or freezes when opening reports

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  • Actian database did not upgrade correctly
  • Actian database mismatch
  • Damaged reports files
  • Damaged RPTDATAI.DAT file
  • Damaged Windows profile
  • Files are locked by security software
  • Damaged data folder


Section 1: Damaged Reports Folder

  1. Close Sage 50—U.S. Edition.
  2. Browse to your data path; refer to How to find data path and program path.
  3. Right-click Reports, and then select Rename.
  4. Rename the folder to OLD Reports.
  5. Download an appropriate replacement copy of the folder in the Attachments section, and then place it in your data path.
  6. If your version of the program is not listed in the Attachments section, run Repair. See How to run Repair.

Section 2: Damaged RPTDATAI.DAT

Follow Missing standard or pre-defined reportss.

Section 3: Damaged Database Engine

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the Actian database engine. See How to completely remove and reinstall Pervasive/Actian.
  2. Open the program and verify that the issue is resolved.

Section 4: Custom Reports

Delete the custom report and recreate.

Section 5: Run the program as administrator

Follow How can I make the program run as administrator by default?.

Section 6: Damaged windows profile

Log into the computer as a different windows administrator profile or create a new one and try running the report. Contact your Network Administrator for assistance.

Section 7: Windows 10

Set the DPI setting to 100%; follow How to change dots-per-Inch (DPI) settings and screen resolution.

Section 8: Disable security software

  1. Identify other security software and follow manufacturer's instructions to temporarily disable the software.
  2. If disabling the software does not resolve the problem, then uninstall the program or contact your local IT support professional for assistance.

Section 9: Damaged data folder

Follow Create a clean data folder and expendable file cleanup.


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