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How do I resolve menu 1-6 Period Fiscal Year Management Audit Errors

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How to resolve this issue and when to contact customer support.


The articles in the Related Solutions section describe several types of GL audit errors and the steps to repair them. Do not attempt to repair menu 1-6 audit errors by entering reversing, or adjusting transactions, as this will not resolve the problem. Follow these steps to attempt to repair the error.
  1. Log all users out of the Sage 100 Contractor company that is displaying the audit error in menu 1-6 Period/Fiscal Year Management.
  2. While in the Company List window, select the boxes Open company with Administrator rights and Open company exclusively.
  3. Open 1-6 Period / Fiscal Year Management.  Click Recalculate Balances
  4. In the Recalculate Balances window, click the Recalculate Balances button.  If the error is displayed again, click the Recalculate Balances button once more.
  5. If clicking Recalculate Balances twice does not resolve your general ledger audit errors, please click the Chat now link below to generate a support ticket and obtain a callback from a support analyst. When the support analyst contacts you by telephone, you will need to have Administrator rights and exclusive access  (Open company exclusively) to the company, while on the telephone with the support analyst. Oftentimes they also need access to your server, for backup purposes.

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