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Error: "Unable to access the Payroll current file. The files does not exist and it is required"

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When generating tax forms in Aatrix, the error displays "Unable to access the Payroll current file. The files does not exist and it is required"


  • Payroll checks were moved to history.
  • The current.prt file is corrupt.
  • The Current file is not located in the company folder
  • Corrupt or partial AP files


CAUTION: These steps require knowledge of database engines and application databases (DBs) used by your Sage product (including Microsoft/Transact SQL, Pervasive SQL, or MySQL, etc.). Customer Support is not responsible for assisting with these steps and cannot be responsible for errors resulting from changes to the database engine or DBs. Before making changes, backup all system and application DBs required for a full restore. Contact an authorized business partner or DB administrator for assistance.

Cause A - Payroll checks were moved to history:

Aatrix eFile and reporting requires a payroll current file. If all payroll checks are moved to history, the current.prt is deleted. Restore you data from backup or contact customer support for a potential workaround.

Cause B - The current.prt file is corrupt:

  1. Have all users exit out of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.
  2. Make a backup of the data folder where the error is occurring. (see article below for instructions on how to make a backup)
  3. Run File Doctor on the PR Current Transaction file. (see article below for instructions on how to run file doctor)
  4. You should now be able to run Aatrix with out any errors.

Cause C - The current file is not saved in the company folder:

  1. From the Payroll Help menu, select About Payroll.
  2. Note the Current Data Folder
  3. Use File Tools to move the current file into the Current Data Folder.

Cause D - there is a corrupt or partial new.api or master.apm in the company folder, or in the folder referenced in File locations associated with AP File types

  1. From the Payroll File menu, select File, Company Settings, File locations.
  2. Note the location of file types AP Invoice and AP Master. If blank these files exist in the Current Data Folder
  3. Use Windows Explorer to browse to the folder to search from renamed/partial AP Invoice and/or AP Master files (files with an API or APM extension)
  4. Check to see if an associated folder exists in PVData and/or if there are folders in PVdata with XXX_API or XXX_APM that do not have an associated gateway file.
  5. Move corrupted renamed API and/or APM files out of the folder using File Tools if possible. It may be necessary to move the gateway and associated PVData\XXX_API folder out of the folder using Windows Explorer if the file is corrupt.

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