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Installation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Sage 50 installation.




What do I need before I install Sage?

  • Your serial number. If you are upgrading from a recent previous version, your new serial number should auto-fill
  • For first-time installations or installations on a new computer, you will be required to enter the current serial number. If you need to find your serial, refer to What is the serial number for my product?
  • Verify your system meets or exceeds the system requirements. Refer to System Requirements: Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2023

Do I have to upgrade?

  • You must be on a current release of Sage to access customer support for phone, chat, and other assistance. Once your Sage Business Care plan expires, and to access payroll and other add-on services
  • Learn more about using an older release. Refer to Supported products and services

How do I know what release I am using?

  • In Sage, select Help, and then select About Sage 50 Accounting
  • Note the Release

What is the upgrade process like?

There are three parts to the upgrade process:

  • Prepare:
  • Download:
    • Select Services, Check for Updates, and then follow the instructions
    • Otherwise download the full product from Sage 50—U.S. Edition: Download Portal.
    • Install: Launch and run the Installation program

How long does it take to upgrade?

  • The Release 2023 download is approximately 460 MB; on standard Internet connections the download will complete in under 30 minutes, but this depends on the download speed of your Internet connection
  • The installation speed depends on the computer: how much memory, how much free space on the hard drive, processor speed, and so forth.
  • On average, installation takes about 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish depending on the computer and network
  • The server installation typically takes longer than the workstation installation(s)
  • If installing on a network, the program will be installed on the server first. After that installation, the program installation can be started on all the workstations at the same time
  • After the installation, each company will need to be converted. The time to convert will depend on the size of the database, how many versions the database has to be converted through (for example, if the database is currently in version 2016, it will take longer to convert than a database in version 2018 or 2019), and the speed of the computer. (There is no conversion between 2022 and 2023.0)

Is Sage an upgrade or a new installation?

  • Sage is available as a full installation file or as an upgrade
  • If Sage is already installed, the program will upgrade necessary files
  • If you wish to keep the older version as well as install the new version, download the full program
  • During the install, you will be given the option to upgrade or install to a new location, choosing a new location will leave your older version intact

Which machine gets upgraded first?

  • When using Sage on a network, the computer hosting the data (the server) must be upgraded first
  • Once the server has been upgraded, users should not start Sage until all of their workstations have been upgraded
  • After upgrading the server, open and print the Sage 50 - Network Installation Manager Instructions
  • After the server installation, the program installation can be started on all the workstations at the same time

Can I keep all my settings when I upgrade?

  • Most settings will be kept when you upgrade
  • Some user preferences will be reset to defaults after the company is converted; select Options, Global to change these settings
  • The default forms for printing will also be reset; click Select Form when printing to change the form (this must be done for each type of transaction)

What are the minimum system requirements for the new version/release of Sage?

To which version of Sage do I need to upgrade?

  • Typically, you need the same version as your previous version; for example, if currently running Pro 2022, you need Pro 2023
  • Companies can be converted to the same or higher version/releases, but not to lower version/releases; for example, a Quantum company cannot be converted to Premium
  • Some version/releases were phased out with Release 2015; if using one of the following version/releases, you will be upgraded to the indicated version/release
    • Complete will upgrade to Premium
    • Premium for Non-Profits upgrade to Quantum
    • Premium for Construction will upgrade to Quantum
    • Premium for Manufacturing will upgrade to Quantum
    • Premium for Distribution will upgrade to Quantum

Will I need to convert my data after upgrading?

  • After upgrading to 2023.0 a conversion is required from 2021.0 and lower. No conversion is required from 2021.1 or 2022 to 2023.0
  • The conversion wizard will start automatically the first time each company is opened in the new version/release of Sage
  • For conversion instructions, refer to How to perform a data conversion from a prior version.

Where to get installation files

How to upgrade from previous releases

Can I upgrade by going to Help, Sage 50 Activation, Licensing and Subscription Options?

  • The Change your current version feature allows you to move from Pro to Premium or Quantum, or from Premium to Quantum by entering the new serial number received in your Download Notification email, it does not upgrade the program from 2021 to 2022 or 2023

How do I activate the program?

Can I place my company data on an external drive connected to the server?

  • No, at the server, data files must be installed to a local drive

I need to install Sage 50 on my laptop or home computer to access by date remotely through Sage Drive, how should I do that?

After installing Sage on the server can I copy the files to a different location and edit the .INI file?

  • No, Sage will not function correctly if this is done

Why can't Sage 50 be installed on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Vista?

  • The Windows components necessary for current versions of Sage 50 to run are incompatible with older versions of Windows
Data conversion skipped after upgrade to 2022.0

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