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Sage 500 ERP: Year-end Resources

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This knowledge base article provides information on commonly asked questions regarding fiscal year-end and payroll year-end.


Year-end processing general info

How to process period-end closing or year-end closing in Sage 500 ERP
How to change General Ledger fiscal or calendar year structure
How to re-open or post to a prior period
How to create or modify the fiscal calendar


Year-end tax forms

How to print or eFile 1099 and 1096 forms for tax year 2023 or prior in Sage 500
How to edit 1099 payment data
What is the update for 1099 for the Year 2023 for Sage 500?


How to

How to recalculate general ledger history and beginning balances
How retained earnings are updated during period end processing
How to set up the inventory calendar
Government Form and Aatrix FAQ
Who do I call for support on 1099 processing?
How to install and uninstall stand-alone 1099 updates for year 2023 for Sage 500


Year-end videos

Year-end training

  • 500E - Sage 500 ERP - Printing and eFiling 1099s:
    This Anytime Learning Package provides you with information about how to prepare 1099 forms for printing and eFiling. You will also learn how to set up eFiling, connect to Aatrix, and access 1099 history in Accounts Payable.
  • 500E - Sage 500 ERP - Period and Year End:
    In these lessons learn how to successfully close periods and the fiscal year. Learn which modules to close first, which reports to print, and how to balance specific accounts to the general ledger. The modules covered include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Inventory Management.


Other resources