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Sage BusinessWorks: Year-end Resources

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This knowledge base article provides information on commonly asked questions regarding fiscal year-end and payroll year-end. Keep in mind that a fiscal year-end and payroll year-end are two separate functions and do have not relations to each other. A fiscal year is a financial year you set up for your business and varies between businesses.


Year-end processing general info

How to backup system and company files

How to create an archive or copy of a company

How to complete payroll year-end processing

Do tax table updates or service packs update sales tax rates?

Tax form printing

One copy of the W-2 or 1099 is not printing

What are the filing deadline dates for W-2s, 1099s and ACA forms?

When will the new tax forms be available?

Enhanced Tax Reporting shows prior year forms

Error: "Opening Company.asd" accessing Enhanced Tax Reporting

Payroll Tax Calculations

How to troubleshoot percentage-based tax calculations

Payroll Withholding taxes are not calculating correctly

Will my payroll taxes self adjust if I do not install the tax table updates on my first payroll of the year?

What version includes the current year payroll tax updates for Sage BusinessWorks?

Tax Table Updates are not available for unsupported product versions

What is the process to correct the program when a Payroll Tax Table Update was installed too early

Will Federal and State income tax withholding taxes self adjust?

How to modify the tax table allowances, limits, and rates

Form 941

941 Payroll Quarterly Report Frequently Asked Questions - access this article for information regarding processing, reconciling and troubleshooting your 941

How to access the 941 Schedule B


W-2 processing - Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting - access this article for information regarding processing, reconciling and troubleshooting your W-2s

Do I install tax table updates before or after I have processed my W-2s?

Do I have to have my W-2s printed before I close December?

How to process allocated tips

Bonus Checks

How to process bonus checks

How to gross up a net value check

Third Party Sick Pay

How to process Third Party Sick Pay when employer pays employer portion of FICA

Affordable Care Act

Process Affordable Care Act (ACA) forms for Sage BusinessWorks Accounting

After year-end processing is complete Payroll taxes and tax updates

How to change my SDI, OASDI or SUI limits

How to download and install Sage BusinessWorks Accounting service packs and tax updates (to be completed after W-2s and State tax reports are printed)

Prepare your payroll for the new year

Vendor 1099s

1099 processing Frequently Asked Questions - access this article for information regarding processing and troubleshooting your 1099s

How to merge multiple vendors into one vendor ID

How to edit vendor 1099 totals

No data is displaying when printing 1099s

Other resources